Aside from your usual content, new product announcements or maybe some huge rebranding updates, your website needs regular checkups. Here are the technical things from your website that needs updates you must know about:

  1. Your codes
    Coding language gets outdated over time. Are you using the latest programming languages? Updating your codes helps the web navigate around your site faster. It also helps with your online visibility and SEO.
  2. Your SEO structure
    Are you following Google’s best practices when it comes to your SEO structure? Knowing and following the latest SEO techniques helps your site get a better search ranking.
  3. Your website security
    This is very important specially if you’re running a website with a shopping feature. Finding a reputable hosting server helps. You may also talk with a website developer to improve your site’s security
  4. Your website design
    Web design trends change from time to time. Every year, there’s a new trend or feature website creators crave and use. Technology development also influences these trends.
  5. Mobile-friendliness
    Last year was the year of mobile search, and if you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly yet, you’re surely late!

Aside from all those techy stuff, you’ll also need to update these:

  1. Information and details about your business
    Aside from the common info you ought to share to everyone (like your address, products, payment details, etc). updating your website’s info using your latest freebies, events and new products will help in attracting regular viewers and traffic
  2. Images
    Images should also be updated to improve your website’s credibility. Old stock photos give your site a bad name. Find pictures that clearly tells your brand. Investing in a professional photographer sounds like a good idea as well
  3. Calls to action
    Calls to action also change and adapt to people’s behavior all the time. If your old “Click here for more” button seems to be not getting any clicks recently, it must be time to update that.
  4. Your website blog
    Regularly posting new blog content also keeps your site up-to-date. If done right, this content will help you attract frequent viewers

The thing is, a website needs an update every year. Or at least some small edits, revisions or so. Think about your website maintenance at every 12 or 18 months. An updated website works best in selling your business.

A developer can create elegant and updated websites for you while you rest, relax or hustle for your business. contact us here!



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