Have you heard that there are some certain keywords and phrases that cost more than others? How about that there are also certain countries that may have higher click-through rates? Both of them are true. If you think that’s unfair, don’t be. Google has a reason for that. Let us guide you through in understanding keywords better to help you with your AdSense campaign.

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Understanding how keywords work can help you strategize better to improve your AdSense campaigns. But aside from monetizing your blog or website, you must also understand how key phrases or words impact your AdSense profile.

The United States and UAE are the countries with the highest click-through rates or CTRs. The average cost per click in the US ranges from $1 to $2. In UAE, it costs eight (8) percent more than that.

Google also sets click per costs prices depending on your industry. The industry with the highest click per cost, also known as CPC, is legal followed by employment and then consumer services.

If you think that choosing to start working on sites and blogs that offers high CTRs or CPCs will help you earn better, you should also remember that there are other factors and variables that affects prices that you should consider. Aside from location and key phrases, other variables are:

  • Auction and bidding
  • Specific market targeting
  • Your RPM (or page revenue per thousand impressions)

Though bad reputation (from not following Google’s best practices) may not immediately affect your RPM, it might get you suspended from the service.

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In making sure that you make the most out of your ads from AdSense, it is important to:

  1. Create and provide unique and engaging content that follows AdSense policies and procedures. This should be your number one priority when starting a website or a blog. Instead of focusing on the highest earning key phrases, we recommend you focus on which industry you would like to work on. With this, you can share your passion and expertise to people while you earn some money at the same time.
  2. Follow design and webmaster guidelines. From making sure that your ads are placed in areas where they will not be accidentally clicked to not using auto-clicks hacks, you should always follow Google’s rules that are set to make the service fair for everyone: from users to advertisers and publishers like you!
  3. Understand how AdSense works. Once you know how AdSense works, you’ll know what to do and what not to. This will also help you in customizing your profile and account that will suit your goals better.

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This blog talks about briefly talks about how keywords and key phrases can affect your AdSense earnings. If you wish to learn more about monetizing your content, read more of our blog posts.