AdSense’ standard ad sizes may work just fine for your site or blog. However, there are some ad and banner sizes that are more effective in bringing in revenue to your site. We list down Google’s top performing and most successful ad sizes.

Top performing AdSense ad sizes:

The 300×250, or the medium rectangle, is best used when both image and text ads are enabled and is embedded near the text content or at the end of articles. This size also tends to have more available ad inventory form advertisers

The 336×280, or the large rectangle, is similar to the medium rectangle. Advertisers seem to like this banner size for their products as well. And it works best both in text and image ads.

The 728×90, also known as the leaderboard, works best if placed above your main content and on forum sites. Just like the medium and rectangle boxes, the leaderboard also has more ad inventory available from advertisers.

The 300×600, or sometimes called as the half page, provides a larger space for the advertisers to get their message across while offering users rich engagement. A visual ad like images and in GIF formats work best with the half page ad.

320×100, or the large mobile camera banner, offer advertisers double the height of the standard mobile leaderboard. It can also be used as an alternative to the 320×50 and the 300×250.

Whatever your site or blog might be about, these ad sizes are the best ones that are Google-recommended to bring positive results.

Here are the other ad sizes that are available for your AdSense:

  1. Mobile leaderboard (320×50) – a mobile-optimized banner
  2. Banner (468×60) – a small banner that fits tiny spaces
  3. Half banner (234×60) – fits small spaces as well
  4. Skyscraper (120×600) – a banner that’s just the right size
  5. Vertical banner (120×240) – can accommodate narrower spaces
  6. Wide sky scrapper (160×600) – has a number of ad inventory
  7. Portrait (300×1050) – best placed alongside with the content
  8. Large leaderboard (970×90) – ideal to show HD contents like videos, photos, animations and applications
  9. Billboard (970×250) – best when placed above the main content of the page
  10. Square (250×250) – smaller than rectangle-shaped ads which make it perfect for small spaces
  11. Small square (200×200) – similar to square but smaller
  12. Small rectangle (180×150) – smaller than a small square
  13. Button (125×125) – can fit into really small spaces

Google also shared their most successful ad sizes. The 36×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle, the 728×90 leaderboard, the 300×600 half page, and the 320×100 large mobile banner (for mobile) are the ones that bring in more revenue to your AdSense. These ad sizes are not too small and are just big enough to be noticed and read quickly.

The five (5) top performing ad sizes are the best ones to use when you’re thinking of monetizing your blog content through ads. Following Google’s standards helps you get better SEO ranking while following advice and tips from the experts in the industry. But, blog and web page sizes vary, also consider choosing one that complements your site to ensure you get the most out of your ads.