But first, what is a blog?

The term blog was first coined after “web log” in the 90s.  A web log has short, informal and diary-like entries and is arranged in a reverse chronological order so the most recent entry or “post” appears first. These days, blogs are used not only by individuals as a personal sharing platform, but by businesses and organizations for profit or non-profit purposes.

For business owners, a blog helps in connecting to customers out there. Documenting an event in a blog, or writing about a special product can help get the word more out there. Visitors come back for fresh content and posts. Updating your blog frequently helps in bringing loyal visitors. Aside from featuring your business, you can also earn some side money from blogs though ad spaces.

Here are some blog topics for your business you might want to consider sharing:

  1. Your business’ history. Aside from your formal mission and vision page, a blog post that tells your business’ origin and stories in a conversational manner will get visitors interested in reading and engaging with you more.
  2. Your latest products. Highlight their benefits, how-to-use, care procedures and even warranty conditions. Aside from sharing this info to potential customers, your current customers would also appreciate seeing this online.
  3. Your latest events. Online is the best way to quickly share information. If you have some discount and sale events coming soon, why not share it through blog posts or social media?
  4. Customer success stories. If you’re selling a product or service that helps people, be proud of it and let others know what you’re contributing to society.
  5. Frequently asked questions. Do you keep on getting the same questions about your business, product or service? Why not create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) blog post about them? This will eventually save you time and your customers will get quick access to the info they want to know. Win-win!
  6. Behind the scenes. Tell how you create your most popular product or service. Making a video blog or a vlog about it is the best way to do it because more people prefer to see things with their own eyes. But don’t forget to write and post the video’s transcript for your SEO!

These short stories make a big one. And when a blog page tells stories to many people, its popularity increases which helps your business’ popularity too! Remember that a blog is more than a marketing tool for your business. It’s also a medium you should use in reaching out to potential and loyal customers.

A website is good, yes, but connecting to your customers is better. We  don’t just make amazing websites, we also encourage you to reach more though blog posts. For blog writing and posting services, contact us here!