If you want to add a comma (,) on every word of a sentence, you need to use explode() and implode().

Check the full Code here:


// Assuming the text is "Hello World"
$string_sample = "Hello World";

// First, covert the text to array from every space
// Output : array(Hello, World)
$string_to_array = explode(" ", $string_sample);

// Lastly, Convert back the array to text, add comma separated on first parameter
$array_to_string_comma_separated = implode(", ", $string_to_array);

echo $array_to_string_comma_separated;
// output :  Hello, World


This is the same process if you want to achieve the following:

  • Add break between every word
  • Add separator between every word
  • Add HTML element between every word

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