Why do some people and competitors keep on talking about animated websites? What are they? And are they really worth the investment?

This blog focuses on the benefits of animations in websites. How they help visitors and how they bring in money to the business.

What is a website animation?

An animation effect in a website is where things appear to be moving. Some of common animation trends in tech this 2018 are animated font and styles and seamless transitions. The most ideal animations are the ones that doesn’t feel like it’s being animated at all.

Animations create movements for your eyes to feast on. These make your website more attractive and interactive for viewers to experience. Here’s some of the best animated websites we’ve found:

  • Bellroy wallets
    This company makes and delivers leather wallets all over the world. Their website creatively features their main product while maintaining a professional image.
  • Alfred service
    Alfred offers 24-7 dry cleaning services. Their website tells how they do their service in a fun way though scroll animation.
  • Cartoon Network
    It just makes sense for an animation studio to have an animated website. When visiting their homepage, you’ll see their iconic logo animated in tile-like feature with their famous characters and menu options.

How does this attract customers?

Animations create an alive feel for your website. When used properly, an animated website is not only attractive but tells stories and brand image as well.

More visitors are likely to engage and stay in your site that they find it attractive and unique. An animated website combined with a good user-experience also improves your website interactions.

Animations also help in highlighting a specific content, product or offers you may want to focus on. However, too much animation can be a sore to the eyes.

How much is too much?

There’s no specific count on how to measure the right amount of animation to be used. But, we advise to have your animation appear as natural as possible. Just like we mentioned earlier, the best animation doesn’t feel like one at all – and we should aim for that.

Also, too much animation can increase your page loading time. Here’s our blog post about the negative effects of high page loading time.

If you wish to upgrade your website’s looks, retain visitors, turn viewers to frequent customers and get ahead of the online marketing competition, an animated website can help you with just that!

For websites with creative effects and animations, we recommend to have them done by experienced web developers, contact us here!