Following SEO’s white-hat rules and Google’s guidelines for ad placing, there are certain spots where you can’t or shouldn’t place your AdSense banner or block ads. This blog will discuss the best areas on your website to place your AdSense without violating Google’s best practices and making it attractive to visitors as well.

In placing ads you must remember that:

Google prioritizes customer experience. That’s why their policies are always after making the users comfortable and their experience convenient. You have to first identify who your visitors are, what they do around your site, when (or which particular page) they stay, how long they stay, it also helps to find what makes them stay. After knowing these details, you can choose an ad style which you think your visitors will find attractive and easy to read.

Another thing to consider is that you have to make sure that content is still king on your site. Place the ads where the visitor will see the content first and not the banner. Ads must be placed near the content and not become the content itself.

These are how ads are ideally placed based on Google’s standards

Deceptive ads are a no-no. Make sure that your ads look like ads and that they can easily be recognized as one. Deceptive ads are the ones that trick you into clicking it and lead you to a different site. Examples of these are those download buttons opens a new tab to another site or those ones that lead you to pornographic sites.

Strategically place your ads where they will not be mistaken as navigation buttons.  Don’t forget to review the site after finalizing and setting up your ads. Make sure that ads are running well and don’t overlap with your content.

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In attracting visitors to click your ads, you must consider the following:

  1. Updated content to attract more visitors. Having more traffic will help you increase your RPM. Attract more visitors with fresh and updated content.
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  2. Simple and light layout. Before encouraging your visitors to click on one of your ads, they should stay on your website first. A good web design makes visitors with ease and more likely to stay.
  3. Designing a layout that leads the reader’s eyes to the ad. Do this without violating Google’s best practices in placing ads. This means, that even if the layout leads the viewers to ads, they must easily see other navigation buttons, content and get out the site anytime they wish to.
  4. Removing some ads from your page. Just like we said in the second bullet, viewers like sites that are light on the eyes. One reason viewers leave a site is that they find too many ads.

These are our tips for placing your AdSense on your website. Learn more about placing ads on your site through our blog posts.

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