You’ve finally created your AdSense account and your ads now running, or maybe not. Whether you already are running a site and just waiting for income, or simply just want to learn more about the topic before fully implementing it.

Google also has conditions and best practices to follow when using an AdSense for your site or blog. This blog will bring you tips to avoid being banned or penalized by Google. Here they are:

  1. Content should be legal and always updated. Meaning pirated content, pornography materials, illegal drugs etc. are not allowed on your site or blog. Also remember that by not updating your content, you’re giving Google a chance to penalize you. Content that helps and focuses on your visitors’ needs and comfort is what Google loves. These will make your site more loved by not only Google but by advertisers as well.
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  2. Ad banners should adhere to Google’s best practices. Google loves banner ads that are clean and not overlap each other. They should be easy to read and have their ideal locations as well. Google has a guide to help you choose which ad sizes are more successful in bringing in money. There are also around 20 ad sizes you can choose from.
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  3. Plagiarized content is a no-no. Copying somebody else’s work is illegal. If you wish to upload or share somebody else’s work (like a photo or an article), you must clearly state that it is not yours and include the source where you got it from. Or better yet, ask permission from the original author if you could publish their work.
  4. Create easy to navigate pages. Your site must be well designed and coded for Google to display ads in them. Easy to navigate sites or blogs are simple and light on the feel with buttons that are easy to spot. Ads must be easily recognized by a visitor as well. Aside from visitors leaving your site, Google has ways of tracking and identifying poorly-designed pages.
  5. Do not show counterfeit goods. As an AdSense publisher, you must not display fake goods. This includes all kinds of merchandises. From bags, clothing, beauty products, medicine, etc. Counterfeited products copy an existing product or design while claiming it as original and their own.
  6. Publishers are advised not to click ads from their own website. Google can track this down and penalize you as this is considered as an illegal activity. However, Google also understands that such instances happen and allows and publishers to report any accidental clicking incidents that might have occurred. The best way to avoid this is to make your web design clean.

These are the only few dos and don’ts guide we could think of so far to prepare you for your AdSense account maintenance. There is more information in the web about this topic. We suggest that you read AdSense program policies from Google support for a full coverage about not getting banned from the service.

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