According to Google, an AdSense application can take from a day to two weeks.

If you followed the rules right and adhered to their conditions, it can only a take a day or two. However, there are some who experienced waiting for a month for an approval simply because they placed the code on a site that’s less frequently visited. To avoid experiencing that, we list down some notes to consider and remember to make your application process smooth and quick.

Here are our five tips to help you make your application process easy:

*If you already sent an application but were denied, check out bullets one to three. But if you’re just starting with your AdSense, always remember tips from bullets four and five

  1. Copy the exact code the way it is from your AdSense homepage. No fizz and fuss, just copy it the way it is. Google wants you to succeed as well that’s why they made it easy for newbies.
  2. Make sure that you put the code on a page that has content and regular traffic. Otherwise, Google will wait for the page to have quality contents and traffic.
  3. Make sure that you place the code in the URL that you provided when you created or applied for an AdSense account. Google will only recognize that URL and if you think of changing it, it will cost you extra time.
  4. Update your content with quality and engaging posts. Only the ones that adhere to Google’s content policies are the ones that get approved. Just remember, create and post contents that help, encourage and inspire people be and do better.
  5. Do not forget the web design and its user-friendliness. Make the world a lot better by giving your viewers a website that is easy to navigate and light in the eyes. A good website with a design that helps people is what Google wants.
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Those are the five (5) simple things you have to do to ensure that your AdSense account activation will be quick and easy. And in case you don’t know, the activation process is simple as well. After creating an AdSense account, you can now start by:

  1. Connecting your website to AdSense. Make sure that you connect the right website you wish to earn money from. It also helps a lot if the website is filled with quality content and has a regular number of visits.
  2. Providing your payment address or credentials. This is where your AdSense-earned money will be sent.
  3. Verifying your phone number. Phone verification is important as this will help you get notifications.
  4. Reviewing will start. After those three are done Google will now review your application. Once the review is complete, you will receive a detailed confirmation email about your activation status.
  5. You’re now ready to set up ads and earn cash.

Applying for an AdSense is quick and easy. With few clicks and a user-friendly layout, your application will flow smoothly. They’re specifically tailored for people who wish to earn money on the side while focusing on creating content that is made to help and inspire people.