AdSense by Google is a way to monetize the extra spaces in websites, blogs and even YouTube by placing ads that are relevant to your content. If you’re looking for an extra way to earn money on the side using your site or blog, AdSense is your ideal solution.

How do you earn money through AdSense?

By creating an AdSense account and putting its codes on your website or blog, you open yourself an earning opportunity. The codes will be tracked by Google’s tiny bots, and then they choose which advertiser is ideal for your site. Google chooses ads that are relevant to your content. This makes sure that the advertiser gets the relevant audience. AdSense works on a CPC (or cost-per-click) basis. This means that you get your revenue when a visitor clicks an ad from your site.

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However, there are certain rules you must understand. For example, you can’t click your own ad. Sometimes, Google can also track if you’re having a friend or family member to click your own ad.

There is no specific certain amount you can receive from AdSense. And it may also take time before your compensation comes. That’s why AdSense is not recommended to be a sole source of income. However, there are some successful websites and content creators (who have a huge number of visitors and heavy traffic) who have achieved this.

Having AdSense on your website or blog helps you earn side money while creating contents you love to share.

Why choose AdSense when monetizing your content?

Earning money with your passion while sharing it people online is now possible. Aside from being free, AdSense offers easy-to-use features that one can learn to do by him or herself. Check out these five reasons why you should choose Adwords:

  1. Customizable look for your site or blog. AdSense banners can be modified according to the look and feel you like. You can also place them where you want the ads to appear.
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  2. Easy access to support. The Help Center is always present to guide you running your account. There are also learning tools that teach you how to set up and maintain your ads.
  3. Has a big source of advertisers. You don’t have to build rapport among advertisers; Google does it for you by introducing your site to potential advertisers and have them vie for ad spaces in your site.
  4. Have features that let you monitor your statistics with ease. AdSense performance reports and Google Analytics are user-friendly and simple. Even someone with little or no experience can understand it!
  5. You don’t need a minimum number of visitors. This sounds good if you’re just starting and only have a number of articles. AdSense has only a few requirements for application.

Though earning money through this method isn’t an easy road, it still is possible. Make sure that you’re keeping your site and blog updated with fresh and relevant content. You may also keep yourself updated with the latest AdSense changes and monitor your statistics. These will help you better understand how AdSense work and use it for your benefit.

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