Our previous blogs have talked about AdSense and everything else you need to learn about it when you’re planning to start using the service for your site, blog or page. This time, we’re talking about do’s and don’ts to improve your earnings from the ads. I bet that you’re looking for AdSense because you want to earn some extra cash. This blog will help you with just that – but more!

Here are the DO’S to improve your AdSense earnings:

  1. Enable both text and image ads. This will widen your range potential advertisers who will compete with your ad units or spaces. This means that higher auction bid prices await your unit and more money for you.
  2. Know about targetable placements. Just like enabling both text and image ads, this helps to increase your number of potential advertisers as well.
  3. Write an attractive description for your channel. This is one thing that advertisers see. Make sure that you write a description that appeals to your targeted advertisers. Here are the things that advertisers expect to know about your channel:
    1. what kind of content you have;
    2. who your target audience and regular visitors are (the more accurate, the better); and
    3. In which part of your site the channel is located? (forum, Q&As etc.?)
  4. Keep your filter list small. You might want to get only advertisers from a niche similar to yours, but by keeping a long filter list, you also risk finding high-paying advertisers. Make yourself accessible to more advertisers, so more can bid on your units.
  5. Find out which of your units is top performing. This is one important aspect you need to know if you want better revenue. At the same time, you should also look for which top-paying ads are on your channel. Pair them up together and – voila! – you earn more than you usually used to.
  6. Focus on topics you personally would like and love or that you’re an expert in. This might seem cliché, probably because it is, but this you should also remember this one. Focusing on creating content that you’re passionate about or have an expertise in will keep quality traffic coming. More traffic means better chances of grabbing those highest-paying bidders and advertisers.

Now that we’ve discussed the do’s, let’s discuss the DON’TS:

  1. Keeping up with the highest paying keywords – if they’re not your expertise, passion or forte. The worst thing to happen is you creating content that doesn’t help people at all. People will see if you wrote or published something wrong, making them leave and never come back. But if you’re an expert in one of Google’s highest paying keywords, congratulations! Continue on sharing your knowledge while earning some extra money.
  2. Do not plagiarize content. You may be busy with life and immediately needs new content to publish on your site/blog/page that’s why you copied content from one of the least known websites around. However, this doesn’t help you at all. Plagiarism is against Google’s policy and results in penalties.
  3. Do not forget about AdSense program policies. Read on them before you start embedding codes to your site. We also suggest that you read them from time to time (at least once a year) as Google’s policies adapt to their algorithm – which frequently changes.

These are our tips to AdSense do’s and don’ts which we hope to bring you more revenue and money. Keep sharing your passion and knowledge by creating beautiful and helpful content for everyone to see.