Google’s AdSense has some few conditions if you want to set up an account. And if you’re thinking that it’s your time to earn money from your content, you must know, understand and adhere to these rules before starting with AdSense.

  1. You must have a blog, website or a YouTube account with quality content. This is where you will be placing your ads. An active page will more likely bring in visitors than a stagnant one. By following Google’s white hat SEO strategies and rules will help you rank higher in search results as well.
  2. You must have a Google account. You will use your Gmail account in connecting to AdSense. Connecting your mobile to your Gmail will help you activate your account, back it up in case you forget your password and even receive messages for suspicious logins.
  3. Your site or page must be active for the last six (6) months. Meaning, a site that has been created three months ago is not yet eligible for an AdSense account even if it’s rich in quality content and visitors. Dead websites are not ideal for advertisers because of their lack of traffic.
  4. You must be 18 years old and older. If you don’t meet the age requirement, you can have a legal guardian to apply for an AdSense for you using their account. That means the account will also under in your guardian’s name and taxes if necessary will also be paid by him or her.
  5. Your site or blog’s content must meet Google’s SEO standards. Your website must not contain:
    1. Pirated content from other sites, blogs, reports, or studies and academic books;
    2. Pornography or adult materials;
    3. Hacking tutorials;
    4. Bomb-making tutorials;
    5. Illegal medicines and drugs; and
    6. Other illegal materials and content
      Your site’s content must be fresh, follows white-hat SEO techniques, useful and informative, is long enough and free of spelling and grammar errors.
  6. Keep your web design simple and clean. Aside from the content. Google also checks your design and user-friendliness. A user-friendly website with good and quality design that meets Google’s standards are more likely to get their AdSense application approved.
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  7. Your website must have an About Us, Contact/Reach Us and Privacy Policy pages. These three helps in having your application approved easier because they show quality and authenticity. Have your basic information uniformed with the other details you share online. This includes your name, the type of business or content you do and share, phone numbers (if applicable) or email addresses.
  8. Make sure that your traffic is organic. Google penalizes websites that have paid traffic. A good traffic according to Google’s standards is organic. They come from other related blogs, social media sites and search engines.


These are the eight (8) remember and verify first before creating an AdSense account. These make sure that your application will be accepted and start earning those CPCs soon. However, if you experienced rejection from AdSense, keep your head up and then improve those things Google rejected.