How to activate ACF License key programmatically

To activate your license via your  file , add the following line to the file after the , replacing with your license key: Note This ACF Feature will work on ACF PRO Plugin . When copying and pasting your license key, please make sure to copy all characters. License keys do not contain spaces but […]

How to automatically update ACF Fields of Sub Sites when updating the ACF fields on Main Site

If you are using the ACF plugin in your Multisite Website. ACF has a feature where you can add, delete or update fields on the Main theme and automatically reflect on subsites. You can configure this by following this steps: Add a folder right after the Main Theme. You can name it as . (any […]

How to fix Blocked Cookies Error on Multisite’s login page

If you added different domain names on the Sub-site of WordPress Multisite, you might encounter a “Cookies are blocked ” error when logging in. Error: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress. To enable Cookies on your WordPress Multisite, go to  and define the COOKIE_DOMAIN. Inside […]