Get Page ID of specific Page Template

If you want to get the ID of a page on a specific template, you can use the following code below. If the Page Template is right after Main Theme. If the Page Template is inside the folder of the Main Theme.

Convert Github Raw version to valid CDN Link

Github Raw cannot be used as the head’s stylesheet or scrips, but there is a workaround. Invalid Link (Raw Version) Valid Link (CDN Version) Workaround Guide Find your link on GitHub, and click on the “Raw” version. Copy the URL. Change to Insert  before your username. Remove the name. (ex. master) (Optional) Insert the version you […]

Hide the Administration email verification after login

Always get notified about verifying the site’s administration email address after successfully logging in similar as the image below?   Disable using code The code below will disable WordPress from prompting you to check your site’s admin email address. To disable this, add the filter below to your theme’s file. Disable using plugin You can […]


Add comma between every word

If you want to add a comma (,) on every word of a sentence, you need to use and . Check the full Code here: This is the same process if you want to achieve the following: Add break between every word Add separator between every word Add HTML element between every word