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How to activate ACF License key programmatically

To activate your license via your  file , add the following line to the file after the , replacing with your license key: Note This ACF Feature will work on ACF PRO Plugin . When copying and pasting your license key, please make sure to copy all characters. License keys do not contain spaces but […]

How to automatically update ACF Fields of Sub Sites when updating the ACF fields on Main Site

If you are using the ACF plugin in your Multisite Website. ACF has a feature where you can add, delete or update fields on the Main theme and automatically reflect on subsites. You can configure this by following this steps: Add a folder right after the Main Theme. You can name it as . (any […]


How to fix Blocked Cookies Error on Multisite’s login page

If you added different domain names on the Sub-site of WordPress Multisite, you might encounter a “Cookies are blocked ” error when logging in. Error: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress. To enable Cookies on your WordPress Multisite, go to  and define the COOKIE_DOMAIN. Inside […]

Check if the Cart has item

You can identify if the Cart of the Woocommerce Website has any value or is empty by using this code: You can insert the code inside the if-condition parameter:

How to use Regular Expressions (or regex) using Redirection Plugin

Do you know that Redirection by John Godley WordPress Plugin has more advanced redirection features? You can use a regular expression (or regex) to automatically redirect a list of links without manually adding it to the plugin. Redirect these: To the new URL: Regex Solution Source: Target: Redirect these: To the new URL: Regex Solution […]

Get Page ID of specific Page Template

If you want to get the ID of a page on a specific template, you can use the following code below. If the Page Template is right after Main Theme. If the Page Template is inside the folder of the Main Theme.

Auto Select Visual Tab on WordPress Classic Editor after page load

You can automatically change the Classic Editor Tab to ‘Visual’ every time you load the page by adding the workaround JQuery Code to . Workaround Code

Alternative for CSS border without changing width size

You can use as an alternative to fix the issue of changing border size when the is used. Normal Code Workaround Code

Convert Github Raw version to valid CDN Link

Github Raw cannot be used as the head’s stylesheet or scrips, but there is a workaround. Invalid Link (Raw Version) Valid Link (CDN Version) Workaround Guide Find your link on GitHub, and click on the “Raw” version. Copy the URL. Change to Insert  before your username. Remove the name. (ex. master) (Optional) Insert the version you […]

Hide the Administration email verification after login

Always get notified about verifying the site’s administration email address after successfully logging in similar as the image below?   Disable using code The code below will disable WordPress from prompting you to check your site’s admin email address. To disable this, add the filter below to your theme’s file. Disable using plugin You can […]